Vision & Aims

Learning for the Future

Our school was founded in 1850 and now provides a 21st century small school learning experience at the heart of our community. In a fast changing world, we are dedicated to providing every child with a foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes to equip them for future opportunities and challenges. We encourage imagination, curiosity and endeavour as we guide our children on the first steps of their lifelong learning journey.

Our Aims

We are an inclusive, nurturing school and value how precious, unique and individual each child is.

We foster open, honest and respectful relationships within the school community and reach out to create friendship and partnerships: regionally, nationally and globally.

We aim to provide a distinctive school experience based on outstanding teaching and a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum.

A programme of extra-curricular, wellbeing and aspiration activities support the development of individuality, creativity, confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

We encourage children to be adventurous in their learning, to reflect on their successes and disappointments and to support their peers in team work and collaboration

By the time our Year 6 children leave us, they will have confidence, enthusiasm and inspiration to follow their learning dreams into their secondary education and beyond.

Our Vision

The governors and staff at Pendeen School have been working to develop a new vision for our future. These draft aims set out our short, medium and long term plans. Parents, carers, children, community stakeholders and will be consulted during the Spring term to get a collective picture of how we want to grow our school.

Aim for 2016/17

To prioritise outdoor learning and play through the creation of new open-air spaces for experimentation, growing, exercise and exploration

* Maximising use of our school estate

* Play/sports equipment for all ages and abilities

* Looking at environmental and climate change

Aims for 2017/18 onwards

To develop plans to transform our historic school site to create a vibrant and flexible suite of learning spaces for children, their families and the wider community

* Major upgrade/redevelopment of 105 year old building

* Adding facilities which are needed by the wider community to address wellbeing

* Celebrating the heritage of Pendeen

* Developing partnerships with other community facilities and groups

To put enquiry, research and reflection at the heart of the school involving children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community in investigating whole school issues and finding solutions

* Be an outstanding example of a small school through human scale research

* Professional development of staff

* Whole school research projects – children, staff, governors, parents working together to explore ideas eg What is a governor? What makes a good feedback?