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We are taught by Miss Curnow and are very lucky to have wonderful classroom assistants to support our learning and help us through our journey of reception and year. Our classroom assistant is Miss Bellis. 



We have PE on a Monday morning joined by the Go Active team so please remember to send your child in to school wearing their PE kit on a Monday. Your child will need to bring their school uniform in a bag to change into after PE. Please ensure all PE kit, uniform and shoes are labelled with your child's name- thank you!


Reception children will come home with a reading book, Sound book of our daily sound and Tricky words book each day. We encourage you to look at the sounds and words on a daily basis please and remind you to write in their reading record so we can see who has read at home to change the book. Homework is not compulsory but I have included some fun activities for all the family in your topic letter.


We look forward to sharing our learning with you and will keep you updated of our adventures in Kynsa class! Miss Curnow and Miss Bellis use Tapestry to keep parents updated of your reception child's learning journey. You are invited to send photos and videos, via Tapestry, of their learning at home as well.

We have dived straight into our Summer topic 'Beside the Seaside' by learning about different sea creatures and creating our very own non-fiction book. We have enjoyed asking questions about sea creatures and Miss Bellis and I have been absolutely blown away with the children's memory of the interesting facts we've learnt along the way. We have started making some beautiful fish artwork and can't wait to share this with you very soon! Despite the weather not acting very Summery, we've been putting on our waterproofs and wellies and getting out and about in the puddles learning and having fun. Please remember to send some spare clothes in with your child as we do still venture outside whether it's sunny and dry or wet and muddy. Thank you (and your washing machine) for your understanding!

Multi skills year 1 and year 2 Thursday 13th June

Chickens in Kynsa!


We have been so lucky to look after chickens in our classroom. A massive thank you to Vicky for trusting us with your babies! 

We started off with the eggs in an incubator and were on 'chick watch' daily until we started to see one hatching!! We were so egg-sited that lots of children grabbed a clipboard and made notes. We took photos and videos and even made a documentary pretending to be David Attenborough. We absolutely loved every minute of watching the chicks hatch and grow and felt like very proud mummy hens (and daddy roosters!) in Kynsa. Although the chickens have gone back to live with Vicky we are now saving our marbles in the golden time jar to go back and visit them. I wonder if they will recognise us? 

Chick Watch

Chick Watch 1
Chick Watch 2
Chick Watch 3
Chick Watch 4
Chick Watch 5
Chick Watch 6

Week Beginning 23rd April 2019


Welcome back Kynsa! We hope you had a really lovely Easter holidays and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We're hoping for more good weather over this Summer term for our Sowing and Growing topic. We've started the week practising our story map for Oliver's Vegetables and Miss Curnow and Miss Bellis have been so impressed with the confidence of the children, especially lots of our reception children who have returned from the holidays with lots of courage. We're sharing and grouping in maths this week. Year 1s are grouping in 10s and reception are exploring numbers and objects and different ways to share them out. We're using our problem solving skills to think about what we might need to change to make sharing fair. 

We've got some beautiful and very creative artwork using a range of real vegetables. This has also helped the children to touch, see and smell vegetables they might not have seen before. Although the children did not like the 'stinky' leeks! 

Spring 1 Fun on The Farm

Week beginning 4th March 2019

We've had a fantastic start to our new topic Fun on The Farm! We've been out and about with our waterproofs and wellies on, exploring the school field for mini beasts. We found a slug, a snail, an earwig, some spiders and a busy bee that we took a photo of but didn't go too close to! We have decided to make the mini beasts a bug hotel to give them somewhere safe to shelter. We made some beautiful still life daffodil paintings and drawings. We had to be really still ourselves and look really closely - this took a lot of patience but we are getting very good at being patient in Kynsa. We are very excited about our school trip to Trevaskis Farm on Tuesday 19th March. Please come and see Miss Curnow if you'd like to come and help on the trip. We'd love some more adults to join in with the fun!

Week beginning 11.02.2019

Wow - what a busy and exciting week in Kynsa! We finished off our stories 'All Aboard' this week (come and have a look at our topic display just outside of Nessa classroom for a sneaky peak). All of the Kynsa team were so impressed with the effort and imagination that has gone into the children's stories.

We finished off our science investigation learning about freezing and melting by making our own ice lollies. There were lots of funny faces tasting the frozen fruit. 

We got our waterproofs and wellies on and did phonics outside a lot this week. Have you spotted our daily sounds on the playground? 

Have a lovely half term Kynsa! I look forward to some Fun on The Farm with you in the Spring term.

Week beginning 21st January 2019


Wow, what a week! We've been very busy in Kynsa writing our own version of The Train Ride. Miss Curnow and Miss Bellis have been absolutely blown away with the writing from the children. Zak and Lily are our Pobble writers this week for their incredible efforts!

In maths we've been exploring numbers and adding to 10. We look forward to having an addition machine in our classroom next week! Reception children are investigating different ways to add up to 10 while our year 1s are adding and subtracting up to and from 20. 

If you haven't already, please sign up for parents evening next Wednesday or Thursday - there are still appointments available. Mrs Earley and I look forward to seeing you at the phonics meeting for year 1s on Monday after school. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Week beginning 07.01.2019

We've had such a fantastic start to the new Spring term and our new topic "Travel and Transport". We've been learning about George Stephenson and the invention of the rocket train and first railway for passengers. The children have shown a lot of enthusiasm for transport and we've had some really wonderful writing and artwork already! 

In maths we've had a week of shape which has been great timing for our topic. We've learnt the names of 2D shapes and some 3D (cylinder, cuboid, cube, sphere, pyramid and cone). We've also sorted different shapes into groups, made repeating patterns and each child has painted a train using a range of 2D shape prints. 

If you have anyone in your family who might drive buses or trains or even a mechanic, please do let Miss Curnow know. We'd love to have some visitors!





Autumn 2 Class News Topic Booklet

See you in the morning Kynsa, I've frozen your Numicon! You'll have to dig and hammer it out of the ice outside! Ha ha. Love Tinsel x

Week beginning 26th November

Wow! What a busy week of learning and fun. We've come to the end of our "We Believe In... Birthdays" part of our topic and are excited to start "We Believe In...Christmas" (Miss Curnow and Miss Bellis LOVE this time of year!).

This week we've had some amazing writing in literacy. The children have written some fantastic birthday party invitations for Kipper's party - have a look on Pobble to see our star writers! We've also been using our number bond facts to add 2 numbers together using cubes and Numicon. We hope you have received your letter to reserve Christmas Nativity tickets? The children have been practising so hard and it's starting to come together. You might need to bring a tissue mums and dads - Miss Curnow gets something in her eye when the children sing!


Our Star Readers enjoying their reward for reading 5 times this week!

Week Beginning 19th November


Have you seen our reading rocket? Ask your child about it and come have a look!

Each child in Kynsa has been made into an astronaut. Each of your little astronauts start back in space on a Friday after school. There are opportunities to move up the rocket and work towards getting to the gold section by the following Friday where your child receives a Star Reader certificate and 10 minutes of chosen Golden Time. In order to move up the rocket your child needs to read 5 times a week and get an adult from home to sign their reading record. As there are 7 days in a week this gives your child the chance to have 2 days/nights off a week as we appreciate lives are very busy outside of school.

Please encourage your children to read for 10 minutes every day - it greatly improves their confidence, sound/word recognition, ability to blend and their understanding by talking about the books. It doesn't have to be a school book either! Whether your child enjoys Julia Donaldson, non-fiction like "All About Dinosaurs", recipes from a cook book or leaflets while you're out and about - this all counts!

Week Beginning 12th November


Kynsa class have written and created actions for a firework poem this week. Year 1 children had fun being teachers and teaching our reception children the poem with actions - everybody worked so hard. 

Have you seen our reading rocket in the classroom? Each child has their own astronaut with their photo on the rocket, starting off in space at the bottom. For every day that your child reads at home, they will move up the rocket. We'll have a look on a Friday to celebrate the drivers of the ship in the gold area - this will be for children who have read 5 days out of 7. Please remember that reading for 10 minutes every day will greatly increase your child's confidence and their ability to blend sounds and decode new words!

Have a look at some of Kynsa class painting sounds with their magic glitter pots!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week beginning 5th November

Things to remember:

  • Halloween Disco - Friday 9th during school time (pick up at 3:15pm as normal). Dare to wear your spooky clothes!


The children in Kynsa have had a very busy but exciting week! We started the week off with a BANG! exploring fireworks and the story behind them. We even had a class debate about Guy Fawkes - some children were really passionate that Guy Fawkes shouldn't have been killed when the guards were telling him off for trying to kill the king in the first place! Other children thought Guy Fawkes should have had a warning from the guards while he thought about which virtues he could use next time. What a grown up conversation!

We've taken our learning about number bonds to 10 one step further this week. If you've not been shown already, ask your child to show them the number bonds magic trick! If you're magic, you'll know how many cubes they're holding behind their back.

We can't wait to show you our WANTED posters for Guy Fawkes - we've been working really hard on using adjectives to describe.

Next week we look forward to writing a poem about fireworks - we've already used the 5 senses to describe Bonfire Night and we've made a rhyming stew to get to grips with rhyming words. Keep your eyes pealed next week for a video of our Bonfire Night poem!



Week Beginning 30th October 2018


Well done Kynsa children for starting this term coming in so independently and waving mums and dads off at the door! Have you spotted our chalk story each day on the floor? For those of us finding it a little bit tricky to come into school, the story helps us focus and feel excited to take the journey into the room! Come and have a look, the story changes every day!


This week Kynsa have started their topic 'We Believe...' 

First we will learn about the Tooth Fairy. Next we will create and celebrate a birthday for Kipper and finally we will end the term discovering the magic of Father Christmas!

We've had a very busy week thinking about and sequencing and ordering how we brush our teeth. We've reminded each other that it's very important to brush our teeth twice a day! We also had a very spooky week making a Halloween 'silly soup' and labeling the ingredients as well as tasting 'rhyming stew' (if you dare to taste you will start to rhyme your words!).

A fantastic week developing our number facts with addition - over HALF of this weeks 99 club participants moved up! Well done Year 1s, you've worked so so hard at this! 

Week beginning 1st October


Our new starters in Kynsa are really starting to settle in now and have been exploring provision both inside and outside of the classroom. Kynsa have been working hard to fill number buckets outside with matching amounts of objects and then, with the help of our busy year 1's, re-order the buckets into a number line from 1-20! In literacy the children have been getting their bossy hats on like Little Miss Bossy to learn about 'bossy verbs'. Kynsa have used their bossy verbs to write a set of instructions on how to build a house. Keep an eye on this page for photos of Kynsa enjoying their new outdoor area!

Week beginning 10th September 2018

What a busy but exciting first week we've had in Kynsa class!  

We have got stuck into our first topic House and Homes this week. In English we started reading the story The 3 Little Pigs and acting out the story through role play with masks. Throughout the week we added to our Story Map and have started practising how to retell the story with actions. In maths we've been looking at the numbers 1-10 (and up to 20 if we're feeling whizzy!) and matching the numbers to Numicon and objects. We made a number line on the carpet and asked lots of curious questions. Well done to our Year 1s for being such great role models for our new children and a big congratulations on your first week Reception children!