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Welcome to Nessa!


Nessa have been busy learning about light and shadows this half term. We've used non-fiction books to find facts about electricity - did you know a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun? 

We've also had a lot of fun exploring how light reflects in a mirror by writing a message and then turning it into a secret code by copying what the message looks like upside down and back to front in the mirror. We had to work out what our friends had written!


We've been using The Lighthouse Keeper's rescue to develop our descriptive writing skills. We hope you've been keeping an eye on Pobble to look at our writer of the week because we've worked so hard to edit and up-level our writing. This is a skill that takes lots of practise to recognise how to make our writing even better.


Have you seen our lighthouses around the classroom? After learning about Grace Darling's rescues, interviewing lighthouse keepers, finding out how a lighthouse works and practising our painting skills with Pointillism, we've had a go at making our own lighthouses as part of our homework. Miss Curnow is very proud of the effort Nessa class put into their creations. Some of them even have working lights!