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Welcome to Peswara!


Peswara class is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class taught by Mrs Taylor. 

Our teaching assistants are the fabulous Miss Smith and the wonderful Miss Lowe.


Mr Argall works with us two mornings per week, either 1:1 or small groups.


We have PE on Monday afternoons, with Miss Sweet and Mrs Trewhela. Please bring in your kit every Monday and have it in school for other activities this term.


Our homework every week involves spelling practice, times table practice (through 99 club) and reading with an adult at least 5 times per week so there’s no need for a weekly homework book. We also issue termly homework based on the topic we are studying, which can be downloaded below:

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Class News W/E 7th June 2019


Although the week has been short, it’s been action packed in Peswara class. The children have become book publishers as they have been busy designing their own books to share with Kynsa class next week. They’ve had to think about their story, the language, the illustrations, the cover, the blurb and everything else that goes into creating an amazing book.


In science, they have been thinking about the Sun, the Earth and its Moon and how they orbit in space. We wondered about the creation of our known universe with questions like: ‘If our universe was created by the so called Big Bang, what or who or how was the Big Bang created?’ It certainly got us pondering.


In maths, we’ve explored the idea of measurements and why we use different units of measure for different things, as well as the difference between imperial and metric systems. We talked of the prefixes of milli and kilo and the difference in meaning.


Phew! All that and you’d think we’d be done... not so in our hub of activity. We’ve also begun to make props for our upcoming production, as well as having rehearsals in full swing too.

Class News W/E 24th May 2019


This week has been such a joy!


We started with studying this week’s featured artist, Piet Mondrian. We learned about who he was, when he lived, who he was influenced by and the type of work he produced. We even used Mondrian art work to develop an understanding of handling and creating our own statistics to draw conclusions.

We learned that in pieces like this one, he never, ever used a ruler! Our own attempts were not quite so successful so we gathered that Mondrian must have practised a lot!


We began planning our own version of one of our class texts, THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT, and are producing story books we will share with children in Kynsa class next term.


On Thursday afternoon, thanks to the talents of Miss Smith and Miss Lowe, we produced a garment which we felt would suit the avante-garde pop star, Lady Gaga.


Do you think she’d like her new wardrobe? We do!


We’ve ended our week with a fun-filled sports day. I’m certain you’ll all be very proud of your youngsters today for showing such determination, perseverance and brilliant sportspersonship. I definitely am!


Hoping you all have a lovely half term break; I look forward to seeing you all come safely back on Tuesday 4th June.




Class News W/E 17th May 2019


Well as year six smashed their SATs this week and year five have worked hard to create some brilliant news reports, it was only fair that we had well earned afternoon of fun on the beach, following an inspiring trip to Tate St Ives on Friday morning. And perhaps there was an ice-cream or 33 to be eaten, yum!


Year six encapsulated so many of our school virtues this week and made me so proud. They were courageous, determined and above all showed a degree of excellence I know you are all very proud of the children for.


Watch this space for our artists’ gallery as we commence our new topic, ‘Inspirational Artists’ from a range of art genres.


Here are some pics from our trip:

Class News W/E 3rd May 2019.


Peswara class are currently learning about coding languages.


We are in lesson right now, writing a set of instructions to tell the website what to do. We are experimenting so please excuse our appearance on this entry. 


If I ask for this text to be yellow, it will be orange instead if I don’t choose the correct colour code.


Now I have the correct colour but this next text will be in bigger, bold font because we have given the instruction to do this. And now back to black instead. Back to normal font now.


We’re learning that coding means having a lot of patience and buckets full of attention to detail.

Class News W/E 29th March 2019


What a fantastic bunch of young people Peswara class are!


In preparation for SATs next half term, the class are busy improving their arithmetic skills and challenging themselves to beat their last score. In our week of shape, they have mastered the properties of 3D shapes and had the skills to create their own nets (we hope you loved your gifts, Mums!).

In English, we've written technology inspired stories and the children have dazzled me with their vocabulary and authorial voices. We have such amazing writers in our midst.

Alongside all of this (as if it's not enough), it has been school assessment week so they have sat 'show me what you knows' in Reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar and maths. Their attitudes have been amazing, they've shown determination to succeed and courage to try for themselves.

I saw brilliant unity on Friday afternoon as children came to help organise the books in the library; something they asked to help with because it is their library and they care about how it is set up.

Class News W/E 15/03/2019


We have finally cracked algebra in maths, much to the children's relief, I feel... We've moved onto ratio and proportion and are finding our knowledge of fractions and multiplications really helpful in understanding how ratio is calculated.


In English, we have been developing our descriptive skills, use of thesaurus to choose appropriate replacement words and working out how to be specific in our vocabulary choices.


In topic, we have started to design our own games, creating online characters based on our games design. The children are starting to see the basic steps a games designer would take in order to bring the games they hold dear to life.

Class News W/E 8th March 2019


Writing was our focus this week; children had the opportunity to create jungle themed writing as well as polishing their entries for the BBC 500 words competition.


Have a look at our adventures in the jungle below.


We have also been cracking on with algebra, learning that the letters used simply replace a number we don't yet know. I've seen some determined perseverance in our maths lessons. We've even been solving two sided equations like this:


7t + 5 = 5t +8 and we're able to solve them by modelling the questions out.


In topic, we've been learning the fundamentals of coding, learning what an algorithm is, how it is used and what we can do with it in the real world. Our first algorithm was identifying the instructions for making pancakes, to tie into the fact that we were learning algorithms on Shrove Tuesday.


I shall be writing out next week about a technology day we will have as a reward for filling our marble jar so quickly.

Pendeen's Wild Book Day

Class News WE 1st March 2019


We’re off to a fine start this term; children have come back to school excited and ready to learn. Maths has been our crowning glory this week as we’ve tackled the essentials of algebra. Comments have ranged from: “Algebra’s too hard for us.” to “Noooo! Please can we carry on after break.” It’s such a joy to see their determination to succeed. We’ve had visitors in school who’ve said how brilliantly the children are working. It’s such a pleasure to show other head teachers just what Pendeen School is capable of.


In English and Topic, we’ve begun to develop ideas for our computer games, starting to think of the setting and the characters involved. We have some excellent imaginations in our class! From eating a giant’s tea to a parkour ‘Late for School’ game, the gaming world won’t know what has hit them!


In science we’ve had a challenge session to see if we can remember how to build a circuit. These skills will be vital in terms of our board game building later in the term. Please can each child bring a cereal box into school as soon as they are able to?


I hope the message about World Book Day on Thursday 7th March has reached you. This year we will have a sensory experience to help the children to write their contribution to Pendeen’s Book In A Day. Parents and carers are welcome to join our session at 2pm and if you’re feeling brave, perhaps make your own contribution to the book. We’d love it if you could join us.

Peswara Class Topic Spring 2:


Tremendous Technology


We have an exciting half term ahead of us in Peswara class. We are designing and beginning to build our own computer games! We’ll need to write the story, the setting, the character profiles and the advertising and use algorithms and coding to create the start of our games and characters.

In maths, we shall be visiting algebra, ratio and proportion and measurement.

Our topic work will incorporate art (investigating Pop Art and games design), geography and understanding the physical landscape our games will inhabit, computing (of course!) and design and technology. In science, through our electricity unit, we shall be creating a physical version of our game. Please can your child bring in an empty cereal box in the next couple of weeks.


A copy of our class news has gone out with children today but can also be downloaded at the top of the page.


Class News W/E Friday 18th January 2019


Thank you to parents of Year 6 children for coming to the SATS and London meeting on Tuesday, it was great to have everyone’s support. I’ve already seen how fantastically the children have responded to their learning this week with a renewed determination from everyone. As our school Virtue for the week shows, unity is the key to the children’s success, so thank you.


A reminder, too, that parent consultations will take place on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st January; please sign up outside Miss Sweet’s office.


I think it is fair to say we have cracked fractions! Gone are the days where they terrify our very souls, and instead the children of Peswara class are able to multiply and divide them, whilst using all the mathematical vocabulary to explain the process. I am stunned by their diligence and commitment to excellence. Go Peswara!


Check Out the school’s Pobble page to read some excellent examples of our persuasive letter writing - with an added challenge. Instead of writing an informal letter to a friend (Riley from Inside Out), the children needed to write formally, a tricky task that they rose to beautifully! 


In science we we have started to think about how our heart works and the week ended with hilarity as the children came up with their own ‘heart’ dance move to replicate the movement from the model they made!


On Wednesday (and every other Wednesday this term), we were joined by Mr Gapp from Cape Cornwall School who came to teach us P.E. He was astounded by the level of skill in the class and commented that behaviour was exceptional.

Class News W/E Friday 11th January 2019


Welcome back and a happy new year to you all!


We’ve had a fantastic start to the Spring term this week with the launch of our new topic: I Matter, You Matter, We Matter, which has seen the children investigate their emotions and strategies we can use when things don’t go the way we expect them to. We have watched our class ‘text’, Inside Out, a film which demonstrates, metaphorically, what happens in our brain when our emotions control our actions and how important it is for us to acknowledge all the emotions we feel. We have begun to consider our first piece of structured writing by considering if the key character in Inside Out, Riley, is making a mistake in running away from her problems or whether she should stay to improve her situation.


You may have had questions from your children about religion and beliefs; this was prompted by a whole class discussion when we looked at the Ten Commandments followed in Christianity. We considered the Commandments and children began to consider what they and their families believed and I encouraged them to discuss it further with adults at home, since there were many personal questions and I explained to them that our role in school is to explain the beliefs in different religions but not to guide them to believe.


I look forward to welcoming the parents and carers of year 6 pupils to my SATS and London meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm in the classroom; if you can’t make it for any reason, pop in afterwards to collect the information.


Children have been given their topic newsletter which contains their weekly spelling practice and topic homework, which can also be downloaded from the top of the page.


Class News W/E 30th November 2018


How proud I was to take Peswara class to Cape Cornwall School this week for Multi-Skills PE session! Drive and determination were the order of the day! Everyone got stuck in to all the activities, which included speed bounce, basketball, ribbon twirling, sprint exercises, rugby and other team games. Such a delight!


In English we have been completing our historical narrative pieces - look out for some examples on Pobble this week.


In maths, we've been working hard on a fractions battle. We've learned that they are in no way scary, they are parts of numbers and we're able to identify equivalent fractions. We also learned that fractions, decimal numbers and percentages are all part of one big happy family!


In science, we have looked at how someone develops from birth to adulthood and the changes that take place as we grow.


We're very much looking forward to our Christmas Carol Concert on Tuesday 11th December at 6pm at the Church and hope you can come along and join in our festive fun!


Class News W/E 16th November 2018


What a wonderful week we've had in Peswara class again this week.


We finished our World War I Christmas Truce narratives this week - check them out on our Pobble page, I was delighted by the vocabulary choices and improvements in the children's work.


In maths, we've had the tricky task of learning to do long multiplication of 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. The resilience and determination of the class members has been brilliant and we're all further forward than we were - much more confident to tackle those questions in our weekly arithmetic test. Year 6s spent Tuesday morning with Mr Argall learning the background and foundations for tackling long division too. A huge challenge conquered by all!


In topic, we have been exploring some works by William Shakespeare who we've learnt is a very notable Tudor playwright. Come and visit the school hall to see our brilliant collage depicting the Bard's famous face.


We rounded off the week with an afternoon dedicated to Children in Need and practised our peacefulness as Mrs Taylor sponsored us to see if we could stay silent for half an hour - we did and Pendeen School's CiN fundraiser was boosted by a £30 donation!



W/E 2nd November 2018


There’s been something strange in the neighbourhood this week: Peswara have fully embraced Halloween and have been creating some spooky stories to excellent effect. It has been a genuine delight to read their creative and creepy descriptions. Please visit our Pobble page to read some of their work.


In maths we have been working on multiples - ask your child to demonstrate the 6 times table! We’ve investigated patterns that feature in the multiplication tables and secured our understanding of them.


In French, we have revised counting to 10, days of the week and introducing ourselves in polite conversation. In PSHE we have discussed keeping ourselves safe online and strategies we can use when we feel uncomfortable such as speaking with a trusted adult, using block features and making sure we’re not accessing age inappropriate content. We also talked about Childline as a place children can use if they don’t feel confident to talk to someone they know.


We have kicked off our topic by crafting Tudor roses, learning about the joining of the red Lancaster rose with the white York rose to create the Royal Tudor house following Henry Tudor’s victory at the Battle of Bosworth.

Class News WE 19.10.2018


Well, what a lovely week in Peswara. Thank you to all the parents who came along to parents’ evening. It was lovely to be able to share the children’s hard work and effort this half term, long may it continue. Anyone not able to make our evenings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book in to see me at a mutually convenient time.


I’m so proud of our class members for their generosity with their own time in making sure that reception and year one children are settling in well to life at Pendeen School. What brilliant role models you all are!


We’ve had a maths focus week this week and I’ve been delighted by the gusto with which the children have embraced their areas for improvement and tried their best to learn ways to tackle problems that they have found tricky.


I hope each and every one of you enjoys your October break and you come back safe and ready to continue where we left off. 


Please check out our class news leaflet above for spellings and topic homework. 


Please pop in to see us in the hall on Friday for our class bake sale!

Class News WE 12.10.2018


We simply can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by in Peswara class. With only one week to go until half term, we’ve had a busy week in class.


I’m very much looking forward to meeting parents and carers next week - there are still some spaces available if you haven’t yet booked in.


In English we have developed understanding of modal verbs (could, should, would), modal adverbs (perhaps, certainly), relative pronouns (who, that, whose, which) and active and passive verb forms (some children may have come home telling you Mrs Taylor was kidnapped by unicorns! - ask if they can say whether it is passive or active). Some tricky skills but their diligence and courage have helped them not to give up.


In maths, we have been securing and deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction, using modelling to help us to understand which operation we need to use.


Keep being brilliant, Team Peswara!

Class News W/E 5.10.2018


Peswara children have done it again! What a lively and enthusiastic week we have had!


In English we have been learning to structure our writing to incorporate flashbacks like we have seen in our class text, Holes by Louis Sachar.

In maths, children have been getting to grips with problem solving strategies including bar modelling to help them decide what operation to use.


In topic, we have dug holes to learn to empathise with historical figures and we have had a go at building wagons they could have used to move into the American West during the time of the gold rush.


Some images of the week:

Class News W/E 28th September 2018


Another fab week in Peswara class. We’ve been busy preparing and developing the skills we need to write recounts with a flashback. In maths, we’ve gotten to grips with place value to 8 digits and in science we have learned about different species’ life cycles.


Most of the class attended a taster day at Cape Cornwall School on Wednesday and I was proud to learn how well the children represented our school.

Class News W/E Friday 21st September 2018


What a week we have had in Peswara class!


If you find the children’s negotiation skills a little more developed this week, it’s because we’ve looked at writing persuasively, using boastful language, metaphors and similes in English. The children are enjoying reading Holes by Louis Sachar and feeling sympathetic to poor, innocent Stanley Yelnats’s plight as he spends his first day at the juvenile correction centre called Camp Green Lake.


They have amazed me with their perseverance and dedication to getting it right in maths as we have been learning about numbers to 10 million including ordering, comparing and reading the huge numbers.


We managed to squeeze in our line dancing lesson and I was proud that everyone took part and tried, even if dancing isn’t something they would normally enjoy. They had a go at street surfing on Monday and Mr Timmons said how well they worked together to ensure everyone succeeded.


Spelling Shed has created a huge buzz in the class room, so much so, we already feature in the top 20 list of best classes across the world!


Go Team Peswara!


Class News W/E 14 September 2018


Here are some pictures from our Wild West topic day.