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Welcome to Teyr!


Teyr Class is a mixed year 3 and 4 class taught by Miss Sedgeman. 

We are lucky enough to have the fabulous Mrs Trembath as our teaching assistant who is with us every morning and Monday afternoon.


Our PE lessons are on a Monday afternoon where we will be swimming with Miss Sweet. Please make sure your swimming kit is in school each Monday and ensure your PE kit is in school throughout the week as there may be times where you will need it. 


Our homework every week involves spelling practice (fun activities can be found below), times table practice (through 99 club) and reading with an adult at least 5 times per week so there’s no need for a weekly homework book. We also issue termly homework based on the topic we are studying, which can be downloaded below in our Class News. 


Have a look at our fantastic writers on Pobble!

Useful links for homework support:


Spelling Shed


Multiplication Practice

Week beginning 15th October


Well, what a week it has been in Teyr Class!


We have been diligently writing poems linked to happiness and sadness. To show imagery, we have made sure that we have used powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe our chosen emotion so that our reader can create an image in their head. Come and have a look in Teyr's cloakroom after halfterm to check out our fab writing!


In maths, we began our new block of learning - Addition and Subtraction. We looked at different variations of how a problem can be presented (bar model, part-whole model, number sentence, number story, place value counters, base 10 and words). After halfterm, we will be exploring column addition and subtraction. 


This week in topic, we have studied the artist Pablo Picasso. We flexed our creative muscles and had a go at drawing our very own 'Weeping Woman' utilising the style of Cubism. 


We earnt our final marble this week which meant we had golden time on Thursday afternoon. Yippee! We opted for a movie afternoon so brought our cuddly toys in, chilled out on the floor and ate some yummy popcorn. We've already earnt two marbles since it was emptied on Thursday morning! 


Parent consultations this week have been very positive. It has been lovely to hear that so many children have settled in and are very happy. If you didn't manage to make an appointment and would like to, please contact Miss Sedgeman to arrange a convenient time after halfterm. 


It has been a fantastic 7 weeks in Teyr. Enjoy the well-earned break. Don't forget that we have a INSET day on Monday 29th October so we will see everyone on Tuesday 30th October. 


Happy Halfterm!

Picture 1 Jack using a pictorial approach to adding.
Picture 2 Mckenzie adding tens and ones.

Week beginning 8th October 


What a fab week it has been in Teyr!


In English, we explored imagery in poetry. We looked at a poem about anger. We then used this as a model for our own poem about worry. We have some fantastic poets in Teyr! Next week, we will continue to explore poetry linked to happiness and sadness. 


We were mathematical wizards in our maths lessons this week. We tackled rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and nearest 100 which is tricky stuff! We were amazing at this and could understand the concept of rounding and are able to give reasons why a number rounds to a certain multiple of 10 or 100. We also had fun looking at roman numerals. Next week, we will begin our second block of learning where we will be focusing on addition and subtraction. 


In science, we thought about our fun exploration of the digestive system last week and put this in to writing. Have a look at Pendeen's pobble page and see out two authors of the week: Olivia and Tiana. 


More pen licenses have been handed out this week. We are working hard on forming our letters ensuring they are the correct size and sitting correctly on the line. 

Week beginning 1st October


We have had a great start to October in Teyr. 


This week in science, we have had the excitement of learning about the digestive system. It has been a really fun and sometimes hilarious part of our body to learn about. We had a go at labelling our own bodies with post its - mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. We then simulated what the digestive system actually does and were able to see the process our food goes through from entering our bodies to exiting them. It definitely wasn't for the faint-hearted! There has been some interesting conversations happening in Teyr! 


In English, we wrote a diary recount as though we were Joy from Inside Out. We recounted a heart breaking moment with Bing Bong - our beloved imaginary friend. Watch this space to see who is our published author of the week on Pobble. 


In maths, we have continued our work on place value where we have looked at counting in 100s, 50s, and 25s. We also began comparing objects that represent numbers. Next week, we will enter our final week on place value where we will continue to focus on comparing numbers and learn how to round numbers to the nearest 100 and nearest 1000. 


It has been fantastic to hear all children read this week and see who is enjoying reading at home. It is really important that children have that time to enjoy reading and also be asked some questions about what they have read. This will help them greatly in their learning. Thank you for your support in this!   

Week beginning 24th September


We have had a really busy week in Teyr.


In maths, we have been learning to represent a number on a number line. We have used our determination to keep going even when we have found it tricky. Next week, we will continue our work on place value and look at counting in 100s, 25s and 75s. 


In English, we have been working on our feedback skills. We drew crabs and shells. Then our partner had to give us specific feedback on how to improve. We practiced our kindness by being sensitive. We were amazed at how much our pictures improved each time. We then put this new skill of giving specific feedback to the test in our writing! Next week, we are going to focus on writing a recount in the viewpoint of one of the emotions from Inside Out. 


In science, we collected our results of which liquid damages an egg shell. Surprisingly, we found that diet cola is worse for our teeth than normal cola! We had predicted that the orange juice would damage are teeth pretty badly and our prediction was correct. We couldn't believe the effect it had on the egg shells. From our experiment, we found that water is the best thing for our teeth as it does not damage them at all. 


On Wednesday, we had a whole school Pobble day. From next week, we will have our published author of the week. Keep an eye on Pendeen's Pobble page to see the fantastic writing happening in school. 

Picture 1 Jack and Lincoln working together.
Picture 2 Arthur and Lugo giving positive feedback.

Week beginning 17th September


Another busy week of learning in Teyr Class!


In English, we wrote a character description about Bing Bong from the movie Inside Out. We thoughtfully considered powerful vocabulary to help our reader form an image in their head. Some fantastic words were: excitable and playful. Next week, we will begin to think about our feedback skills and how we can improve our learning.


In maths, we have continued looking at place value by looking at different representations of numbers with base 10 and place value counters. The year 3's developed their problem solving skills where they had to utilise the virtue: determination. The year 4's looked at partitioning a 4-digit number in different ways by using a bar model. Next week, we will continue our work on place value and begin to represent numbers on a number line. 


Science was really exciting this week. We have continued to learn about teeth (the start of the digestive system). We began an experiment to look at what liquids damage your teeth. We used boiled eggs as our teeth as they are a similar 'make up' of a tooth. We put them into cups and poured our liquids over which included: orange juice, cola, cola zero, milk, water and vinegar. We've made our predictions and are looking forward to seeing if we were correct or not. 


On Thursday, most of the year 4's travelled to Bude for a residential at Bude International - pictures will be coming on our main news page soon! The rest of Teyr were in school and were set the task of creating a board game linked to times table facts. There was talk among the staff that Teyr were having a bit too much fun over Thursday and Friday!


It's really important that children continue to read at home every night as it really helps their fluency and comprehension skills. 

Excitingly, we have been signed up to Spelling Shed. A fantastic way of learning our spellings while playing games and earning points. The class with the most points at the end of the week win! Children have been provided with their log ins, but Miss Sedgeman does have a copy so if they get lost, please don't hesitate to ask!

Week beginning 10th September 2018


It has been a fantastic full week back for Teyr. This week we kicked off our topic 'Healthy Mind, Healthy Me' by exploring different emotions. In English, we were introduced to five key characters (emotions) of the Disney Pixar film Inside Out. This led us into identifying different word classes: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions. We began to explore why it is important for an author to use powerful vocabulary in their writing. Next week, we will continue our work with powerful vocabulary and begin writing a character description about Bing Bong the imaginary friend from Inside Out. 

            In maths, we have been learning about place value. Y3 with 3 digit numbers and Y4 with 4 digit numbers. We began the week using a concrete material: base 10 which has really helped our understanding of number. We have learnt how to draw them and can represent different numbers. We are able to explain that 0 is a place holder and is used in a number to show that there is nothing in that place value column. 

           In science, we began looking at the digestive system. We looked at the first part of the digestive system which is our teeth. We identified the different names and their functions. We may also have had a little nibble on something to help us!

          On Friday, we had our first drumming lesson of the term where we learnt about some important signals in drumming: knowing when to stop and volume. It was great fun and we're really looking forward to our next lesson which is next Friday.


Reading records have come home with suggested questions to use when reading. It is important that children have as many opportunities to read and enjoy reading. When they read, it does not have to be their school reading book every single time! 


REMINDER! Swimming starts on Monday. So please ensure your swimming kit is in school.