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English - Writing

Our curriculum intentions:


Our English curriculum broadly follows the National Curriculum for England. Our motto for children’s approach to writing is ‘experience first’ which gives children a hook into their topic-based learning. We recognise that speaking and listening forms a crucial part of a child’s development and success in writing; when children have a real experience, it allows them to discuss, visualise, recall and recount orally,

ensuring they are more readily available to write about their experience later on.


From Reception through to Year 6, our pupils will develop into competent and articulate speakers and writers who can communicate their ideas and contributions effectively.


Writing that children undertake at Pendeen School will always have purpose in which the children are invested.


We believe that it is vital that the standards of writing in traditional ‘English’ lessons shall be upheld across the whole curriculum, setting high standards for the children in our school.


How we achieve our aims:


Our learning is based on termly topics. The topics are chosen to meet the interest of the children as well as ensuring they can access culturally rich knowledge and develop the lifelong skills they need to communicate effectively. The beginning of each topic shall see children experiencing a ‘hook’ into their learning through an experience, a trip or an in-school visitor that will spark their interest. By working backwards from the intended outcome, the children will be guided towards their eventual learning aim, usually in 1-2 week blocks, through a range of learning activities giving opportunity for developing oracy, discussing and improving ideas, understanding form and structure, planning writing, and eventually writing their final piece. The genres that children cover will be age appropriate and throughout their learning at Pendeen School will increase in complexity as their knowledge and skills develop.