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Spring 2 - Topic Letter - Growing

Spring 1 Topic Letter - Animals

Welcome to Kynsa!


Welcome to Kynsa Class!


Kynsa class is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class taught by Mrs Earley. 

Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Duke - mornings and on a Monday afternoon Mrs Duke teaches the class.

Miss Bellis - afternoons

Miss Over/Mrs Forde - 1:1 support

Our PE day is a Friday afternoon. 


For Reception:

Every Friday there will be a new piece of home learning set based upon our phonics learning from the week. There will also be the opportunity to share your home learning on Tapestry.


For Year 1:

Every Friday there will be a new piece of home learning linked to our current learning in class. A lovely opportunity to work with your children about things they are currently looking at in school.


On Monday a new set of spellings will be given to the class - there is a spelling check every Friday. 


This term (Summer 2) our Topic is “Food”.

Weekly News 2nd - 6th July 2018


What a fantastic day we had on Friday. Our Go Active day was a great hit. We have learnt how to play urban polo,(football with over sized  lollipop sticks), golf, archery and fencing. We are looking forward to them being in school from September. We are able to tell the time to o'clock and half hour, this  really tricky to learn, I am super proud of all them for working so hard all week. We continue to have the new reception children in for their weekly visit, and Miss Curnow has said how great the current reception children are at welcoming them and showing them around. 

Next week we have our summer fair, could we ask parents and cares for donations please, for the cake stall, fill a jar and raffles towards our summer hamper.We look forward to seeing you all there.

Weekly News 25th - 29th June 2018


In one of the hottest weeks so far, we enjoyed a fantastic day when we held sports day on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other adults who supported Kynsa children with such enthusiasm. The children were great, and I am sure with all their talent they will represent the school in different sports as they move through the year groups.

Thank you for your patience as we move into our new classrooms, if you have not been in to see it yet, please pop by, the children are thrilled to finally unpack all their toys.

We have started our latest book Handas Surprise, so expect to see some animals roaming around the class. As Lafrowda approaches we have been getting sticky and messy preparing our small images to carry in the parades. This will continue into next week, if you have some old clothes or shirt they could pop on to stop uniform getting messy that would be very much appreciated.

On Monday next week the children will have the morning with their new teacher, don't forget to ask them how it went. On Friday could the children come to school in their PE kit, as we have a fun day with Go Active, providing us with some great activities all day.

Please provide a sun hat as Kynsa outdoor area is very hot as well as play and lunch times

Pizza Express trip to St Ives

Weekly News 18th June - 22nd June


What a fantastic week we have had in Kynsa. Our trip to Pizza Express was a great success. We all made our own pizza's with several attempts at trying to stretch the dough. We mastered the perfect way to add the passata, round and round in a spiral. While the pizzas were cooking we were able to taste some of the toppings they use. The adults were very proud of the children as many tried food that had not eaten before. The children were very well behaved and used their best manners and the staff of Pizza Express commented on this.The children were very sensible while walking through St Ives, it was very busy with people and cars. We were very proud of all the children, and look forward to more food tasting in school.  

The excitement in school just keeps coming for Kynsa. We have been spying all week through our classroom door and we will be moving in next week, we are super excited to have a brand new classroom. Keep an eye out for info on where to drop the children off later in the week.

Hopefully the children will be able to work out how much their sweets will cost, as we have worked really hard on using money this week. Our three week block on The Hungry Caterpillar has come to an end, and next week we will be reading Handas Surprise.

Please can I remind you that the weather is set to get very hot, the children require a sun hat as we are outside a lot during the day. As sports day is next Thursday we need PE kit in school along with sun hat, sun cream and water bottle.

Enjoy the sun over the weekend.

Weekly News 11th June - 15th June 2018


We have finished our Hungry Caterpillar stories this week, and I am so proud of the children who have come up with the most amazing vocabulary to use in the story. Who knew the caterpillar was chubby, or the moon could be spherical. Next week we will be using poetry in our writing, watch out for our budding poets. What fun math can be, when we use food to help us learn all about one more and one less. Well reception your math skills were fantastic, and you were able to help Mrs Earley out when she kept writing the wrong numbers down.

We are very excited about our Pizza express trip next week. Please can you make sure that all forms are returned before Monday.

Food glorious food, although we have learnt all about the healthy foods that we should eat like vegetables and fruit daily. We came to the conclusion that we all prefer the unhealthy foods like chocolate and sweets.

Keep an eye out in the classroom next week as we are going Italian to celebrate our pizza trip.  

Weekly News 4th June - 8th June 2018


I hope you all has a rested break and are ready for what will be one of our busiest times of the year. We have started learning all about food and where this comes from. It took some convincing that food does not all come from Tesco. Maths has been all about numbers and where they fit on the number square, ordering from smallest to largest. We have started our first book, The Hungry Caterpillar, we have spent time sequencing it and learning new words to describe all the wonderful food he ate. 

We are looking forward to our Pizza Express trip on the 19th June. Please make sure you have completed the form and use Parent Mail to make any payments.

Summer Term 2

Our new topic will be Food. We are very excited about this. The children have already designed our new pizza restaurant, and ice-cream parlor, and are ready for the first customers. We have some trips planned with details to follow, just to say they will be very yummy. Kynsa will learn all about food, how it grows, what part of the world it travels from to reach our plates. We will try all sorts of food, and we are hoping to cook as often as possible. The adults are looking forward to our themed weeks which will include Italian, Cornish and many more. We are more than happy for any traditional recipes from family and friends.  The children will have two texts this half term all linked to food, the first will be 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' the second will be 'Handas Surprise'. We will continue to look at the structure of a story and how this is sequenced. Children will continue to develop their writing skills preparing them for the transition to their new class. Maths will include skills from place value, money and time. If you would like to support your child at home, encouraging them to understand how time works. There are 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week etc. Allow them to go to the shop and spend some pennies. How much does your shopping cost? Do you have enough money to pay for it? 

We will continue to keep you updated weekly, but our door is always open so pop in anytime.

Weekly News 21st- 25th May


As half term approaches we continue to be just as busy. Sadly sports day was postponed due to the usual Pendeen fog and rain. Please watch the newsletters for a future date. I was really proud of the year 1 children and Kynsa school council members, who were chosen to support the two days of interviews, they represented the school fantastically. We have continued to develop our math skills looking at position and direction, helping Beebot move around a map. Thankfully he did not get lost. We finished our independent writing on the Elves and the Shoemaker. Well done year 1, I was blown away by your determination and great use of language. Reception children continue to amaze me by their enthusiasm for learning, and there have a go attitude at everything we do. All of Kynsa team wish you an enjoyable half term break, and hopefully the sun will shine.

Weekly News 14th - 18th May

What a topsy turvy week. Due to the SATs we have been joined by the year 3 children. This was great fun, Monday we spent time outside acting out the Elves and the Shoemaker with year 3 help. Math has been very tasty, as we shared equally into quarters using smarties. The best bit, we ate the lot! We have continued to work on the Elves story by sequencing, and now writing our very own versions. We have very nearly finished making our shoes, some are on display, please pop in and have a look. We continue to practice for sports day, and keep our fingers crossed for good weather next week. Sad news, our nesting doves have lost their nest. We only hope they have made a new one in a safer place.

Weekly News 8th May -11th May


Although a 4 day week this has not stopped us from being very busy. We were happy to see that the nesting doves are still with us. Excitement is growing as we think we may soon have eggs, as the mummy dove has not moved off her nest all week. Even the builders are being careful on the scaffold. Watch this space as Kynsa children follow the life of the nesting doves.

We have started to make our own felt shoes this week, as soon as we have completed them, they will be on display throughout the school. Also look out for our peg dolls they are popping up on walls all over the school.

Math has seen us learning all about halving, and what this looks like. Year 1 have started their leaflets, which will be judged by the staff later next week. Reception continue to amaze us all by their independent math and writing skills.

Weekly News 30th April - 5th May


Kynsa children this week have been learning to play different board games linked to our topic toys. We have learnt to play noughts and crosses, this made for some good competition between adults and children.

We are very excited, but also concerned as two doves have started to make their nest in between two of the scaffolding poles. We hope they stay safe, and we will watch to see if they have any babies.

Reception children amazed us this week with their independent writing, while the year 1 children have started making a leaflet, which only in the draft stages looks fantastic.

Enjoy the long weekend and see you on Tuesday.


Here is just a taster from the Minack performance, 'The Enormous Turnip'.

Weekly News 23rd April - 27th April


What an amazing week. We are very proud of Kynsa and their dance performance on Wednesday at the Minack. The weather held off and we remembered all the moves.

We helped Winston bear find the right material to keep him dry on his holidays. Thursday we started making our peg dolls. Maths has been all about arrays, these are tricky and we have shown great understanding of rows and columns.

Weekly News, 16th - 20th April

What a busy week back. We have started our new topic on toys, and are looking forward to all the lovely things we have planned. Our science this half term is all about the weather. The new Pendeen school weather station has been working well this week. We are hoping to see how sunny Pendeen really is.

Maths has been all about counting in tens and looking at equal groups. Lauren has been in, putting us through our paces before we perform at the Minack next week. Please can PE kit be in school all the time, as we are having dance workshops over the next few days.

Summer term 1

Our trip to the Eden Project. We had great fun learning all about seeds, planting our own seeds in recyclable pots and investigating all about the signs of spring.

Weekly News, 19th-23rd March

Another busy week, and we continue to look at information texts, finishing with our very own fruit kebabs for snack. There were some very colourful and tasty ones. We have been measuring and weighing in math, looking to see who was the tallest and how heavy objects were.

We are very excited about our Eden trip next week, and have started looking at what Eden is, and what we will be learning about.

Weekly News, 12th-16th March

What a very busy week we have had in Kynsa. We started our week looking at instructions and what we use them for. We have written some instructions for making a jam and sandwich, with the best bit, making and eating some.

We have been lucky enough to have a dance workshop this Friday afternoon ready for a performance later next term at the Minack. Hopefully we will remember all the moves.

Weekly news 05/03-09/03 We have gone from snow to sun and back to rain this week in school. We spent a lovely bit of time in the garden planting some flowers and enjoyed a special visitor on world book day. We also had our last bikeability session (photos to follow) with Carol and it was so much fun!

We have been planting in the garden
The ground was hard so we had to keep working hard

Spring 2 week 1

Exploring our garden and it’s plants.
We are making a plan to improve it.
The enormous turnip sequencing.
We love story time in Kynsa class.
We have explored root vegetables this week.

In Kynsa this week we completed some simple experiments to help Ella find her missing teddies. We had to use our 5 senses to solve the clues.

Exploring the new role pay area - the children have been enjoying exploring our new area - they have been busy making phone calls, writing prescriptions and healing poorly animals.

We have jumped back into our new term in Kynsa class. We have started our new topic ‘Animals’ and we are enjoying our new book ‘Owl Babies’. We will be looking forward to our visitor coming on the 2nd of February. Thank you to all who supported our nativity it was a great success and the money raised from the event will be contributing to the visit from the Screech Owl Sanctuary. Watch this space!

We’ve been hunting 3D shapes. We went on a hunt around our school. Some were more tricky to find than others!

Our naughty elf Jingle left us a challenge of making snowflakes to decorate our classroom. We had some lovely discussion about shapes and practised our fine motor scissor skills. Great fun!

Busy week of maths in Kynsa Class...

Working together to model and practise numbers.
Team work to subtract and win the race!
Counting up and down the number line outside!

A taste of Lego club...

Working together on vehicles in Lego club.

In Kynsa this week we have been taking some of our new learning outside...

Investigating magnetic and non-magnetic objects.
Practising our counting and making games.
List writing for a trip to Peppa Pig Land.

A work of art...

We were looking carefully at our colour choices.
We were thinking about our brushstrokes.

Autumn 2 Topic letter - Space