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Late/Absence Procedures




8.00am Early arrivals go to Breakfast club.

8.45am Children arrive and go to classes to prepare for the day


9.00am Morning bell rings, registration.

9.10am Registration closes.

10.30am – 10.45am Morning break.

12.00pm – 1.00pm Lunch break KS1

12.10pm – 1.00pm Lunch break KS2

1.00pm Afternoon bell, Registration.

1.05pm Registration ends.

3.15pm Home time for all children.



1pm Monday

1pm Tuesday

1pm Wednesday

1pm Thursday

2.45pm Friday Achievement Assembly




The secretary collects dinner money and marks the dinner register. The school is registered for ParentPay and pupils can pay online.




The Headteacher is responsible for supervision at lunchtime. Support staff supervise the dining room and playground. Teaching staff can supervise the dining room on a voluntary basis.


Children have a choice of school dinners or packed lunch. We promote healthy eating as part of our healthy school Ethos.




All children leave at 3.15pm unless attending after school clubs.


All parents sign a letter naming the adults who will be collecting their child (Kynsa and Nessa classes) or giving their permission for their child to walk home unaccompanied by an adult (Teyr and Peswara class). Parents are asked to inform class teacher if there are any changes to the end of school arrangements.


Children who have not been collected should remain with their class teacher/ designated outside person. At 3.30pm a phone call to be made requesting the child be collected.