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Hi Nessa Class,


Mrs Earley is now back in class every day and so Mrs Taylor is looking after home learning for the whole school so things will look slightly different to before.


There will be a daily English lesson (filmed and uploaded to Class Dojo by Mrs Taylor) and a daily maths lesson (below - a week's worth uploaded in advance).


Remember to participate in Ruth Miskin's daily phonics lesson - 


Read daily with an adult and enjoy a book online too:


PE with Joe Wicks, Go Noodle, Cosmic Yoga (links below)


There are apps available from Spelling Shed, TTRock Stars etc, all the links are below


We are really enjoying all the work that you are sending either through ClassDojo, or email and we would definitely love to see some more.


Mrs Trembath and Miss Sedgeman will be in touch with you every week to check in on the work you've been doing.


Keep up the good work - you've been BRILLIANT so far Nessa! We hope to see you all soon.


Take care


Mrs Taylor



TT Rockstars 


Spelling Shed


Discovery Education

username: student8271

password: pendeen


Handwriting practice:


Username: pen

Password: deen

Choose Class 2 and easy letters/ easy words.


ClassDojo Student Log In:

Your student link has been sent to your adult via the messages on Dojo. Please see the instructions below on how to use Dojo. 


Need some exercise?

9am Joe Wicks PE session every day!


If you want something a little less energetic, look up cosmic yoga.


Real Play has some fantastic ideas to get active. Below are the details should you want to join in the fun.

email -

password - pendeensch


If you fancy becoming a scientist, here is  a website worth a look. Using everyday household objects you can carry out your very own experiments at home.

Work is provided for Monday to Thursday for maths.


On Fridays, please play TT Rockstars, which should be set to your level and then test yourself with a 99 club.

YEAR ONE MATHS W/C 20/07/2020


Video support can be accessed using these links:

Lesson 1 Time to the hour

Lesson 2 Time to the half hour

Lesson 3 Writing time

Lesson 4 Comparing time

W/C 20/07/2020 YEAR TWO MATHS


Video support can be accessed via these links:


Lesson 1 Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 2 Hours and days

Lesson 3 Durations of time

Lesson 4 Compare durations of time



All English work is delivered via Class Dojo by Mrs Taylor, each day, by video.


Here are some word searches, that I know Nessa like, to help with our spellings.


The words in the searches are ones that we need to be able to spell at the end of each year group.


If you have a spare 5 minutes and you want something to do, choose one and have a go. 

********** NEW 60  SECOND READS ********


Here are some English activities. You need to read the story or piece of poetry, and then answer the questions. 

Science - Watch the video. Can you draw the lifecycle of a frog?

Learn the song to help you to understand.

This year would have been Tokyo 2020 - the summer Olympics. If everything was as normal, we would be in school learning about the Olympics. So, for your home learning we have created a grid with activities that you can pick and choose to complete. 



Pop over to this website and have a go at some simple coding. There is also a link to BBC Bitsize to help teach you the technical bits you need to know.


There are also some apps that you might want to have a look at BeeBot and Scratch Jr


 Scratch coding website:


BBC Bitesize:

I know how much we all love 99 Club in Nessa, and some of you have been having a go at home. I have attached all the clubs A, B and C. Don't forget to tell your grown up, that you only have 10 minutes to complete the club, and you have to do it on your own. Share your success on Class Dojo.

25 fun activities to do

Nessa, here is board game that I thought you might like to play. You do not have to use a dice, but make sure you choose your Lego man as your counter and have fun!

Contact Mrs Earley