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Hello, Peswara children and parents!


Below is a list of websites you can access for your home learning.


Below that, there are some English, maths and topic tasks to complete. These will regularly change to keep you busy!


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We are unable to provide paper copies of work at this time due to social distancing and lock down restrictions. Please complete any work using paper and pen or via Class Dojo app.


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TT Rockstars 


Spelling Shed



Discovery Education

username: student8271          password: pendeen


In Espresso, you can pick an English, a maths and a topic subject each day - learn something new!


The information below will change every couple of days - check back for updates regularly. Send your answers or responses on ClassDojo.


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Need some exercise?

9am Joe Wicks PE session every day!




Real Play has some fantastic ideas to get active. Below are the details should you want to join in the fun.    email - password - pendeensch

Some fun, practical ideas - try them and post on Class Dojo what you found.


Which one is the odd one out and why do you think so?



The three items pictured are a shuttlecock, a puck from ice hockey and a golf ball. Each of these items needs to be hit with something held by the sportsperson - a badminton racket, ice hockey stick or one of a selection of different golf clubs.


Reducing drag or friction is very important so that the shuttlecock, puck or golf ball can travel at speed or for a longer distance to give the player an advantage. Additionally a badminton player or golfer can induce spin which affects how the shuttlecock or golf ball will travel through the air, giving advantage over an opponent in badminton or ensuring that the golf ball lands more precisely. 

Shuttlecocks may be made entirely from synthetic materials but originally had a cork tip and 16 overlapping goose feathers for flight. The shuttlecock has a mass of about 5g. 

A standard ice hockey puck is made from black vulcanised (to make it stronger) rubber, 25 mm thick and 76 mm in diameter. It's mass is between 156 and 170g. Before play, the puck is frozen so that the puck doesn't bounce too much on the ice.

The dimpled surface of a golf ball reduces drag (friction between the ball and air) allowing it to travel further and faster. A golf ball has a minimum diameter of 43mm and must not have a mass greater than 46g. Each ball is made up from two or more layers of material.


Problems of the week:

There are two levels, I've got this, and I've forgotten this. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with. A page available for each day.


I've got this:






















25% is the same as a quarter. 50% is the same as a half. 75% is the same as three quarters.































































The inside angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees. A right angle is 90 degrees.
























I've forgotten this:

























































































English 1

Prompting your writing:


Use these questions to get you thinking about what you might write. Share your work on Class Dojo.


  • Where has the sun gone?
  • Why is she holding the sunflower? Who is she?
  • Is the lady important?
  • What season is it?
  • How long has she stood there?
  • Is she a scarecrow?


Start with a sound (onomatopoeia words sound like the sound they describe - moo, whoosh, pop, bang etc)

Use a semi-colon.

Use figurative language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, comparative, superlative).

Use a 2 adjective noun phrase.

Use an if, if, if then sentence.

Use a two word sentence.

Use a one word sentence to change the pace.

Use a fronted adverbial sentence.

Move your sentence around so that the object starts the sentence. The dog's tummy was tickled by Mrs Taylor.

Write a subject, verb, object, adverbial sentence. The dog ran across the field without a sound.

Write a subject, verb, object, adverbial, adverbial sentence. The dog danced on the carpet without a sound, as if he was in Diversity.

Write an adverbial, adverbial, subject, verb sentence. Without a sound, as if he was James Bond, the dog sneaked.



Visit Scratch and design your own games:


This free educational tool gives your child the opportunity to code and create their own game. Much of this is problem solving - if their character doesn't move in the way they want it to, or look the way they need it to, they have to re-evaluate and re-code the programme. Highly interactive and very well thought through for children.



Travel around the world with Google Earth 


Or try the Secret Door:


Where in the world are you? How is it different to where you live? How is it the same as where you live?


What geographical features can you see? 

Are they physical features? environmental features? man-made features?


Do lots of people live in this place? Is it an urban area? Suburban? Rural? Explain how you know.


What continent have you landed on?


Can you explain, using compass directions (north, east, south, west, north-east, etc) where the location is in relation to Pendeen?


Can you find out the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of the place you've ended up?


Share with me on Class Dojo.


Visit this website:

Read these Greek myth stories about Zeus:


Then write one side of A4 on your first impressions about Ancient Greece and Greek gods.


What did the ancient Greeks believe in?

Why was Zeus important?

What was the landscape of Greece like in ancient times?

How did the ancient Greeks influence architecture (buildings)?

What were the main cities in ancient Greece?

Where is Greece?

What is Greece like now?


Share with me  on Class Dojo.

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