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Hi Peswara Class! I miss you!


Hope you're all staying safe and well and are taking care of your grown ups by regularly making them tea and toast. They deserve it!

I really enjoyed seeing all your baking efforts last week in doughnut week. Be sure to check out this week's competition - recreate a book cover.


This page is designed to keep you all busy while you're tucked away safely at home. 


Try to aim for:

  • Wake up and shake up with some exercise - Joe Wicks, Go Noodle, some dancing around your living room etc.
  • A piece of maths work every day.
  • A piece of writing every day.
  • Some SPaG practice
  • Some reading (lots of reading) every day.
  • One or two other subjects - a spot of languages through Duolingo, and a history task, maybe - every day.
  • Try a 99 club once a week if you can too. Get some practice in on TT Rockstars.


That way, when we're back in school, it won't be such a shock when we're in for the day! And it will give you some routine to keep occupied too.


If you're not sure of something, there's a 'contact me' section - let me know if I can do anything at all for you, but you can also message me on Class Dojo as well.


If you want feedback on your work, you should send it to me via Class Dojo and I'll be delighted to take a look! I'm seeing lots at the moment but I'd always love more - no matter what it is, I want to see!


Take care, stay safe!

Mrs T

TT Rockstars 


Spelling Shed



Discovery Education

                                      username: student8271          password: pendeen


Class Dojo Student Log In: Your parents have been sent a direct link to your page.



Letter-join:       Username: pen   Password: deen 

Choose Class 4 and hard letters/ hard words



Work is provided for Monday to Thursday for maths.


On Fridays, please play TT Rockstars, which should be set to your level and then test yourself with a 99 club.



Follow the links for video support:


Lesson 1 Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Lesson 2 Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Lesson 3 Multiply decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Lesson 4 Divide decimals by 10 100 and 1000

YEAR 6 W/C 29/06/2020 MATHS


Follow the links for video support:


Lesson 1 Area and perimeter

Lesson 2 Area of triangles

Lesson 3 Area of parallelograms

Lesson 4 Volume of cuboids

Arithmetic Paper - Take 30 minutes to complete, then practise the methods you found tricky.

Learn about adaptation in animals | Biology - Life Lessons

Can you share your learning by drawing a diagram or writing about it?

This year would have been Tokyo 2020 - the summer Olympics. If everything was as normal, we would be in school learning about the Olympics. So, for your home learning we have created a grid with activities that you can pick and choose to complete. 

NEW FUN Things To Do - VERSION 2



9am Joe Wicks PE session every day! 


Try Go Noodle:


Real Play has some fantastic ideas to get active. Below are the details should you want to join in the fun. login    email - password - pendeensch



Visit Scratch and design your own games:


This free educational tool gives your child the opportunity to code and create their own game. Much of this is problem solving - if their character doesn't move in the way they want it to, or look the way they need it to, they have to re-evaluate and re-code the program. Highly interactive and very well thought through for children.



To carry on with French lessons, visit Duolingo - a brilliant interactive website (there is an app available too). You will need an adult to sign up on your behalf. There are so many other languages on there too!


Check it out:



Travel around the world with Google Earth 


Or try the Secret Door:


Where in the world are you? How is it different to where you live? How is it the same as where you live?


What geographical features can you see? 

Are they physical features? environmental features? man-made features?


Do lots of people live in this place? Is it an urban area? Suburban? Rural? Explain how you know.


What continent have you landed on?


Can you explain, using compass directions (north, east, south, west, north-east, etc) where the location is in relation to Pendeen?


Can you find out the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of the place you've ended up?


Share with me on Class Dojo.


Visit this website:

Read these Greek myth stories about Zeus:


Then write one side of A4 on your first impressions about Ancient Greece and Greek gods.


What did the ancient Greeks believe in?

Why was Zeus important?

What was the landscape of Greece like in ancient times?

How did the ancient Greeks influence architecture (buildings)?

What were the main cities in ancient Greece?

Where is Greece?

What is Greece like now?


Share with me  on Class Dojo.

Make your own music:




And try to make your own instrument. Share it with me on Class Dojo and we can all rock out together!


Or... play a piece from a musical instrument you already own, if you're not feeling crafty. Share that with me too.




Using Discovery Espresso, investigate tempo in music. Share via video on Class Dojo what you've learned.


The log in is username: student8271          password: pendeen

Art History


Why not take a walk around a virtual gallery?


Greek art:


Look at the pictures at the top of the page linked above, then scroll down to visit the history, geography and art pages linked to it.



For fun stuff, visit Tate for Kids:


Learn about artists and see some of their work, complete some cool quizzes and get some arty ideas you can do at home.

Contact Mrs Taylor