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Hygge - a feeling of coziness, contentment and well-being, found through cherishing the little things. We take children to Pendeen Church each Friday between 9.10 and 10.10 to love reading in a special place.


Reading is at the heart of everything we do. SDP 21/22 – “All children (less for EYFS) have one hour per day each morning direct teaching of R, W, M in small groups of 2 to 15 children, focused precisely on need rather than age. These are known as POP Groups (Pendeen Opportunity Plan). All work is planned by teachers and delivered by teachers and teaching assistants.”


Pendeen 7 Aspects of Reading March 2022

Pendeen School Accelerated Reader Overview

Class books read to children come from list - 100 Best Books for Children from "The Book Trust"

The Reading Framework (DFE July 2021)