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Hello Teyr Class!


Hope you're all happy, safe and well.


Some changes to home learning as we start to go back to school - you'll be getting a piece of English work - check Class Dojo for the video of me (Mrs Taylor). You'll also get a maths video and maths activity page to complete each day (below) . Log in to Class Dojo and share them with us to get feedback from your teacher.


During the week, try to aim for:


  • Daily reading (lots of it, if you can).
  • A piece of maths work, daily.
  • A piece of English work, daily.
  • Times tables practice, Times tables Rockstars is a good place to start. Have a go at a 99 Club, try weekly.
  • Handwriting practice, twice or three times a week.
  • Explore something new, try a science experiment; learn a language on Duolingo; or have a go at learning to draw in art. Aim for this weekly. 


This way, it won't be such a shock to us when we return to school (Miss Sedge and I say we campaign for pyjamas to become our new school uniform)!


Take care, stay safe!

Mrs Taylor



The information below will change regularly - check back for updates at daily.



        username: student8271

        password: pendeen


In Espresso, you can pick a topic subject each day - learn something new! Check out the KS2 daily challenge to help you with this. 

KS2 Daily News is a helpful 60 second update on the news which is child friendly. 



You're adults will have had your individual link sent to them via the messages on Dojo. Additionally, you can use the pin code which changes every 48 hours. This is posted on our class story on Dojo which your adults can access. 

Children can respond to all work set through ClassDojo for comments and support. Miss Sedge will be checking in regularly! Below are some really helpful instructions on how to use. 



It's been a while since we've been in school, can you remember that feeling you get when you come back to school after the summer holidays and haven't done much writing. It's worth logging in and putting in some handwriting practice so make it easier once we get back to school.

Handwriting practice:


Username: pen

Password: deen

Choose Class 3 and easy letters/ easy words to start with, then move onto hard letters/words afterwards.

Work is provided for Monday to Thursday for maths.


On Fridays, please play TT Rockstars, which should be set to your level and then test yourself with a 99 club.

W/C 20/07/20 MATHS YEAR 3


Video support follow links below:


Lesson 1 Make a whole

Lesson 2 Write decimals

Lesson 3 Compare decimals

Lesson 4 Order decimals

YEAR 4 MATHS W/C 20/07/20


Follow the links for video support:


Lesson 1 Adding decimals within 1

Lesson 2 Subtracting decimals within 1

Lesson 3 Complements to 1

Lesson 4 Adding decimals – crossing the whole

Learn about Seeds and the Life Cycle of Plants

Go and search for seeds on your walk. What type of seeds can you find?

This year would have been Tokyo 2020 - the summer Olympics. If everything was as normal, we would be in school learning about the Olympics. So, for your home learning we have created a grid with activities that you can pick and choose to complete. 



9am Joe Wicks PE session every day!


Real Play has some fantastic ideas to get active. Below are the details should you want to join in the fun.

email -

password - pendeensch





Visit Scratch and design your own games:


This free educational tool gives your child the opportunity to code and create their own game. Much of this is problem solving - if their character doesn't move in the way they want it to, or look the way they need it to, they have to re-evaluate and re-code the programme. Highly interactive and very well thought through for children.



To carry on with French lessons, visit Duolingo - a brilliant interactive website (there is an app available too). You will need an adult to sign up on your behalf. There are so many other languages on there too!


Check it out: 



Click on the link which will take you to a page full of learn to draw images showing you how to draw a range of things. I wonder what you will learn to draw?

25 Fun Things To Do Version 2 - Share them on Class Dojo

Contact Miss Sedge for any queries regarding home learning